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Asia Wood`s LLP

Coal, wood chips, calibrated lumber, unedged lumber, edged boards, unedged boards, arbolit


Asia Wood`s LLP


Microporous high-carbon product formed by pyrolysis of wood without air access

Asia Wood`s LLP

Chips (fine fraction)

chopped wood of a set size, resulting from the grinding of raw wood

Asia Wood`s LLP

Calibrated sawn timber

dried and treated to a specified size lumber

Asia Wood`s LLP

Unedged sawn timber

sawn timber with unsawn or partially sawn edges and outgrowth

Crockery boards

Crockery boards

board, which is obtained as a result of longitudinal sawing of a log


Uncut boards

a board sawn from a log and machined on four sides



blocks or wall panels, which consist of concrete and wood chips


Chips (coarse fraction)

chopped wood with particles of uniform size and shape

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