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About Us

Asia Wood`s LLP has been engaged in the wholesale and retail sale of lumber since 2013. Every year it increases its presence in the Kazakhstan market, exports finished products to the Middle and Far Abroad countries and increases the range of offered edged and unedged materials.

Following the market needs, since 2020, Asia Wood`s LLP presents a wide range of different products, in particular coal and arbolite, small and large chips, unedged and calibrated lumber, edged and unedged boards. Limbing, selective felling, solid felling and bucking are carried out with a modern and powerful logging unit of the latest generation Harvester PONSSE Ergo 6w, which copes with the work in the most difficult conditions.

At the moment LLP "Asia Wood`s" has already invested 100 million tenge, creating 100 jobs. Plans to invest another 800 million tg. and create more than 200 jobs with an average salary of 250 thousand tg. and an average specialist salary of 500-600 thousand tg.

LLP "Asia Wood`s" has a railway dead-end of 630 m, 2 land plots with a total area of 2.5 hectares, on which the furnaces are located and the construction of production facilities is underway. The furnaces give 100 tons of charcoal per month. There are plans to increase the monthly capacity by 5 times, i.e. up to 500 tons.

Our advantages:

- Profitable prices. Thanks to our own production and optimization of business processes we offer quality goods without intermediaries and at the most affordable prices;

- A wide range of products;

- Stability and reliability. We are ready to supply lumber to you uninterruptedly;

- Prompt delivery. Our own delivery service allows us to promptly deliver lumber across Kazakhstan and the countries of the near and far abroad.